ARAB-TURKISH RELATIONS, 1991-1993 (Vol 1: From the Arab Viewpoint)

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ARAB-TURKISH RELATIONS, 1991-1993 (Vol 1: From the Arab Viewpoint)

From the Viewpoint of Both Sides
Vol 1: From the Arab Viewpoint,
Vol 2: From the Turkish Viewpoint
edited by Mohammed Safiuddin Abu'l-lzz and Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu,
published by the Institute of Arab Research and Studies (Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organisation-ALESCO) and IRCICA,
Cairo, Vol. 1: 1991, Vol. 2: 1993 (in Arabic)
(Turkish edition) Istanbul, 2000

This publication resulted from a joint effort on the part of IRCICA and the Institute of Arab Research and Studies, Cairo. It aims to provide an objective review of the history of Arab-Turkish relations, in order to help to build a better understanding and foster affinities between Arab and Turkish peoples by clarifying many facts and events which influenced these relations at different times.
The two volumes reflect the views of scholars from both sides on major issues related to the history and present state of Arab-Turkish relations.
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"These two volumes, which resulted from the collaboration of sixteen authors (eight Arabs and eight Turks), are to be studied comparatively in order to highlight those aspects which are emphasised by each author regarding Arab-Turkish relations. ... In the field of Arab-Turkish relations where publications are seriously lacking, these works are really the first working tools. ... " Faruk Bilici, TURCICA, 29 (1997)

"The book is composed of two parts, one prepared by an Arab committee and the other by a Turkish committee. Both committees treated the same subjects independently and published the results in a single volume for comparative purposes. ... A successful scholarly work and a serious attempt for a sincere exchange of ideas." Taner Yuksel, Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft, 147/2 (1997)