Centre's Programs

The scope of IRCICA's work plans expanded steadily over the years, as completed activities were replaced by new projects and ongoing ones grew to cover new themes of interest. The majority of research projects are implemented on a long term basis, in several successive and/or simultaneous stages related to various aspects of a given theme or involving various types of activities, such as data collection and treatment, contacts and cooperation with the Member States, institutions and organisations concerned, convening of scholarly meetings, editing, publishing, etc. From its earliest years onwards, the Centre disseminated the results of its activities in the OIC Member States as well as in academic, cultural and artistic circles world-wide by its publications, paper presentations at conferences, exhibitions of documents and illustrations, communication and cooperation with universities and cultural institutions throughout the world, and by offering library and archive services to researchers and students. This section outlines the activities carried out by IRCICA within the framework of its programs and projects, from its establishment in 1980 until the beginning of 2000.