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Volume I: Societies, Cultures, Sciences: A Collection of Articles
Compiled by Mustafa Kaçar and Zeynep Durukal
Volume II: Biography, Bibliography, and Recollections about İhsanoğlu,
Compiled by Abdullah Topaloğlu, foreword by Halit Eren,
İstanbul, 2006 (in English, articles in English, French, Turkish), ISBN 92-9063-155-4 (vol. 1), ISBN  92-9063-156-2 (vol. 2), ISBN 92-9063-157-x (set)

This is a Festschrift in honour of Prof. Dr. Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu, the Secretary General of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, who was the Director General of IRCICA from 1980 to December 2004. It is an expression of gratitude for Professor İhsanoğlu’s scholarly endeavors that helped to promote research and international cooperation in many fields of studies relating to the Muslim world. The initiative leading  to this publication belong to a group of social scientists from IRCICA and from the universities of İstanbul who collaborated with/under the direction of Prof. İhsanoğlu: Dr. Mustafa Kaçar (İstanbul University), Zeynep Durukal (IRCICA), Prof. Ali Akyıldız (Marmara University). The essays of the first volume are grouped in three parts: I. Ottoman History: the Centre, the Provinces, Studies and Sources; II. Cultural Life; III. History of Science. The first volume contains fourty-five articles on  the history, cultural life, arts and sciences of Muslim countries which were contributed by scholars from around the world. The second volume contains the views, impressions and souvenirs  of persons from academic, diplomatic and cultural circles who have known and collaborated will as his biography, and his bibliography.