International congress on “Sudan during the Ottoman Period” held in Khartoum, 25-26 September 2012

IRCICA and the National Record Office of Sudan have jointly organized a congress on "Sudan during the Ottoman Era" which was held in Khartoum, on 25-27 September 2012. The opening session was held in the presence of General Ali Othman Mohammed Taha, Deputy President of the Republic of Sudan, who delivered an opening address. Dr. Halit Eren, IRCICA Director General, and xxxx delivered addresses. The congress took place in the Sharjah Hall of Khartoum University.

The congress covered a vast array of subjects relating to the period of Ottoman administration (16th- early 20th centuries) in Sudan. In addition to offering a platform for specialists to exchange research results on this period in the history of Sudan, the congress served the important objective of encouraging a review and discussion of approaches and methods applied in these studies, clarification of divergences and fostering of mutual understanding especially among historians from Sudan and from Turkey. The congress themes and presentations were:


Theme 1. Sudan and the Ottoman strategy towards the Arab World and Africa

"Sudan and the Nile Valley before the Ottoman period: remarks on their interactions with local, regional and international developments" (Yusuf Fadl Hassan); "The Ottoman State and the Arab World" (Taj al-Sir Ahmed Harran); "Ottoman politics towards Northern Sudan in the 16th century AD" (Anam al-Kabbashi); "Abyssinia Province: establishment of Ottoman power in Sudan" (Tarik Mohammed Nour)

Theme 2. Ottoman power and administration in Sudan in the 19th century AD

"The circumstances and reasons of Muhammed Ali Pasha's entry into Sudan" (Hassan Ahmad Ibrahim); "The administrative impact of Ottoman Turks in Sudan" (Mohammed Ali Mohammed Tayeb); "The administrative system in Eastern Sudan and on the Red Sea coasts: Suakin, Taka, Massaoua (1840-1885)" (Awad Abdel Hadi al-Ata); "Education and modernization in Sudan during the Turkish period" (Nasser al-Sayyed)

Theme 3. Ottoman heritage in Sudan: documents, monuments, language, and travelogues

"Sudan in Ottoman archive documents" (Önder Bayır); "Ottoman monuments in Sudan" (Intisar Sghayroun al-Zeyn); "The impact of Turkish vocabulary and expressions in Sudanese lexicon" (Ikhlas Makkawi Ali); "Evliya Çelebi in Sudan and relations between the Ottoman State and Sudan" (Azmi Özcan); "The Ottoman vision about Nubia and the Funj Sultanate: critical and comparative study of Evliya Çelebi's narrative on Sudan" (Omar Abdullah Hamida)

Theme 4. The Ottoman position vi-a-vi colonial ambitions on Sudan

"Muhammed Mihri Bey's description of Sudan in his Book of Travels to Sudan (Sudan Seyahatnamesi) at the beginning of 20th century" (Mehmet İpşirli); "Colonization attempts in Southern Sudan and intervention of the Ottoman Empire" (İdris Bostan); "Legal Secession of Sudan from Ottoman Rule" (Ali Arslan); "The Ottoman-British conflict over Sudan in the 19th century (Maimuna Mirghani Hamza); "The relation of the Martyr Sultan Ali Dinar with the Ottoman Empire" (Sayyid Ahmed al-Aqid).