International congress on «Yemen during the Ottoman Period»

The National Centre for Archives of Yemen Republic will cooperate with IRCICA to organise this congress in Sana'a, in the fall of 2009. H.E. President Ali Abdullah Saleh, President of Yemen Republic, is extending His patronage to the event.

The main purpose of the congress is to bring together and make known existing studies on the Ottoman period in Yemen and further promote research on the subject, in order to highlight the realities and events of the period.

The congress will deal essentially with the following topics:

  1. General view of Yemen during the Ottoman period
  2. Ottoman administration in Yemen and mutual influences 
  3.  Architectural projects 
  4.  Intellectual life: educational system and institutions; publications, documents and registers
  5. Social life: legal system, social relations
  6. Economic life: trade, transport, etc.

Cultural activities to be held simultaneously with the congress include: an exhibition of firmans and historical documents concerning Yemen that are part of the collections of official documents contained in the Ottoman archives; an exhibition of historical photographs concerning Yemen to be selected from the Y?ld?z Albums dating from the reign of Sultan Abdulhamid II and preserved in the archives of IRCICA, and depicting, among others, monuments dating from the Ottoman period. The congress working languages will be Arabic and English. A book to contain the papers presented at the congress will be published by IRCICA.