International Seminar on Crafts: Prospects of Development, under the patronage of H.M. King Hassan II of Morocco, organised by "Ribat al-Fath" Association and IRCICA, Rabat, 23-25 October 1991

The seminar was inaugurated with the Royal Message from His Majesty which was adopted as a major document of the seminar. Policy-makers, planners, administrators and craftsmen from Southeast Asian States, Arab and African countries and representatives of regional and international organisations met with experts from the United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organisation (UNESCO), the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organisation (ALECSO) and the World Crafts Council (WCC) in addition to other international bodies concerned with crafts, to share their experiences and to exchange viewpoints on problems and prospects relating to the revival of traditional crafts.

The aim of the Seminar was to provide interesting new approaches and possible solutions to some of the major problems facing the future of crafts, as well as developing a strategy for global cooperation in this concern, which will constitute a cultural, economic and tourism asset for Islamic countries. Experiences and viewpoints were shared exchanged on problems and prospects relating to the revitalisation of traditional crafts.

The papers covered the following themes: Islamic Design Heritage-Creating New Dimensions in the Twenty-first Century; Technical Cooperation in Skill Development and Transfer of Technology; Quality Craft Production: Problems and Prospects; Economic and Financial Aspects of Crafts Development; Exploring New Market Opportunities; Government and Patronage: Towards a Dynamic Growth and Preservation of Traditional Arts and Crafts. Other sub-topics were presented by specialised agencies and organisations, related to the development of crafts. This seminar was the first in a series. Its recommendations, and the experience acquired in its organisation, provided useful guidelines for the subsequent activities.

A collection of the thirty-four papers on traditional crafts in Muslim countries which were presented at the International Seminar on Craft: Prospects for Development held in Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco in October 1991, was published under the title Prospects for Development of Traditional Crafts in OIC Countries: Proceedings of the International Seminar on Craft: Prospects for Development