Konya, as one of the oldest settlements and civilisation centre, achieved its real civil development under Islamic-Turkish rule. Muslim armies, from the beginning, tried to conquer Konya, so first Muslim conquest was at 723 AD but the city went out from Muslim dominance in the course of time. Konya was conquered second time  by Seljuk Turks. The Seljuks, shortly after Malazgirt (Manzikert) Victory in 1071 AD, conquered Konya in 1073 AD. Just after its conquest the city was declared as the capital city of the Seljuks. Konya was the capital city of Kılıçarslan who defended Anatolia against the Crusaders and Alâeddin Keykubad who turned Konya one of the civilisation centers in the middle ages. Konya, during this period, became, one of the significant capitals of Islamic Civilization after Medina, Damascus, Baghdad and Cairo. The city had its most magnificent days in the beginning of 13th century. Konya that mentioned as "Dar al-Mulk " (The Capital) in the historical sources, became an international trade center at Asia Minor, as well as a scientific center. Thus, Mawlana Jalal al-Din al-Rumi had been identified with the city in this century. "Akhi Organization" was the most crucial mainstay of the city at tough days of Mongol Invasion. Konya after Ottoman domination in late 14th century become a "Beylerbeylik" (Province). Many Ottoman princes such as Cem Sultan, were trained for state administration while governing Konya.

Konya, after a millenium of Seljuk conquest, is still continuing to be an attraction center with its population over one million, organized urban structure, industry, trade and tourism, as well as being the Seljukids capital and having international eminent figures like Mawlana Jalal al-Din al-Rumi, Sadr al-Din al-Qunawi, Shams Tabrizi, Sahib Ata, Jalal al-Din Karatay, Hacıveyiszade Mustafa Sabri Efendi and also Seljuk sultans' tombs, mosques, and madrasas and "Şeb-i Arus" organizations.

The International Symposium on "Konya in Islamic Civilization" will be organized  between 17-19 December 2016 by IRCICA and KTO Karatay University within the framework Konya's declaration as Islamic Tourism Capital of 2016 by The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation. The city's history, culture and art with economic and social structure from its conquest to present day will be discussed during the symposium.


Symposium Dates:

Sending of Abstracts: 30 August 2016

The Announcement of Acceptence of the Abstracts: 15 September 2016

Symposium Dates: 17-19 December 2016



Assoc. Prof. Halit EREN (IRCICA General Director)

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Prof. Gülay ÖĞÜN BEZER (Marmara University)

Prof. Abdülkerim ÖZAYDIN (İstanbul University)

Prof. Mustafa S. KÜÇÜKAŞCI, (Marmara University/Topkapı Palace Museum Director)

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Prof. Mustafa ÇİÇEKLER (İstanbul Medeniyet University)

Prof. Amir PASİÇ (IRCICA/University of Sarajevo)

Prof. Ekrem DEMİRLİ (İstanbul University)

Prof. İbrahim BAZ (İstanbul Commerce University)

Prof. William CHITTICK (State University of New York)

Prof. Safi ARPAGUŞ (Marmara University)

Prof. Hayati DEVELİ (İstanbul University)

Prof. Erhan AFYONCU (Marmara University)

Prof. Michel BALIVET (Universite de Aix-Marceille)

Prof. Bayram ÜREKLİ (Selçuk University)

Prof. Özer ERGENÇ (Bilkent University)

Assoc. Prof. Franklin LEWIS (The University of Chicago)

Assoc. Prof. Ömer AKDAĞ (KTO Karatay University)

Assoc. Prof. İbrahim KUNT (Selçuk University)

Assoc . Prof. Mustafa Çıpan (Konya City Culture And Tourism Director)


Dr. Andrew PEACOCK (University of St. Andrews)

Dr. Sara Nur YILDIZ (Orient Institute)

Mehmet Ali UZ (Retired Lawyer/Researcher and Writer)

Bekir ŞAHİN (Konya Manuscripts Regional Director)


Organization Committee:

Prof. Bayram SADE (The Rector of KTO Karatay University)

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Expert Meltem KURTULUŞ (KTO Karatay University)

Emre YILMAZ (KTO Karatay University)


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