IRCICA 1980-2000

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IRCICA 1980-2000

Compiled and edited by Zeynep Durukal Abuhusayn
Introduction by Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu
İstanbul, 2000 (in English)
ISBN 92-9063-101-5

A comprehensive record of IRCICA’s accomplishments from its establishment in 1980 until the beginning of 2000, published as a reference and commemorative book marking the twentieth anniversary of IRCICA. Following an introduction comprising a commentary by Prof. Dr. Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu, IRCICA Director General at the time, presently Secretary General of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference, Part I gives background information on IRCICA, Part II focuses on institutional developments such as the organizational structure of the Centre, headquarters and major events in the history of IRCICA. Part III comprises activities of the Centre (1980-2000) under the sections of research projects and related activities; corporate activities in various fields; library and archives; common facilities of the Centre; IRCICA as the Executive Secretariat of ICPICH; financial aspects of the activities. Thee book has four appendices and 241 colored illustrations.